We put our philosophy and approach into our projects, even at the expense of the brief There are dozens of public and private architectural competitions in the Czech Republic every year. However, not every one of them is one we want or can win. What leads us to participate in a given competition? How do […]

What technologies will be necessary in future offices? How to cope with the growth of work-from-home arrangements? The coronavirus pandemic has clearly shown that this way of working is possible in many fields – even in those where employers did not allow it before. Keeping in mind the saying “everything goes when you want,” we […]

It seems that everything is slowly getting back on track. But can we really go back to the old normal? How will the events of the last several months be reflected in the forms and standards of the office? Read on to find out what we think about that in archicraft. It seems that everything […]

Model apartments are an integral part of large-scale residential development projects and sales. How else can one imagine if one wants to live there? The model apartment must show off the interior and its contents, while at the same time evoking a feeling of home. How did we deal with that in the Marina Island […]