Row House Loft

A piece of New York on Prague’s Kotlářka… Do you know, how do row houses in Brooklyn look like? If you are familiar with the iconic series Sex and the City, then you know this for sure. Like Miranda’s home, where she moved after she got married. Houses with historic brick facades, high windows and stairs leading to the main entrance, which are placed on the street in a regular rhythm. Only the interiors are more industrial, raw, and there is no dark entrance in them, you enter directly into the kitchen area. And this is exactly the kind of family home the client of our archicraft studio wanted, who planned the reconstruction of his two-story house in the Kotlářka area in Prague 5.

Free layout became the central theme, and the industrial style also permeated the materials in the interior. We let light into the center with a skylight located above the staircase. The window openings have lowered sills. In front of the house there is a driveway, which we designed as a minimalist “Japanese garden”, with a paved driving surface. A pergola with variable shading provided by motor-driven rotating slats was added in the yard.